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French Pastry Box


Savour the finest flavours of France with our French Pastry Box!

Inspired by Chef Wythe’s cultural exchange in France, each box contains seven heavenly bakes is crafted with ingredients sourced straight from the enchanting region of Normandy, France.

Order your box and delight in the essence of French patisseries today!

  • Babka

Sink your teeth into fluffy brioche dough generously filled with a luscious chocolate hazelnut spread and roasted macadamias.

The combination of roasty macadamias, decadent chocolate, and fluffy brioche will whisk you away to pure bliss.

  • Citrus Croissant

Let the Citrus Croissant transport you to sun-kissed Mediterranean orchards.

This bicolored croissant encases homemade orange marmalade, striking a perfect balance between sweetness, tangy acidity, and crisp bitterness.

  • Coconut Windmill

The delightful dance of creamy textures and symphony of flavors will transport you to tropical bliss thanks to the delectable coconut baked flan, crowned with almond praline and Valrhona dulcey pearls.

  • Pain Suisse

Each bite combines a symphony of creamy, crispy textures complemented by a hint of luscious chocolate.

You’ll taste heaven thanks to the silky pastry cream and decadent Cacao Barry Chocolate Chips.

  • Smoked Chicken Emmental Croissant – NEW in August

Savour the irresistible blend of tender smoked chicken and rich Emmental cheese, all nestled within our buttery, flaky croissant for a taste that’s simply divine.

  • French Butter Croissant

Experience pure buttery bliss with our French croissant, crafted from 2-day fermented dough and layered with the richness of Elle & Vire’s 82% French butter.

  • Truffle Twist

Each bite unveils layers of savoury bliss, starting with a shallot-infused cream cheese filling infused with truffle essence.

Topped with smoked ham and grated parmesan cheese, it’s a harmonious blend of smoky, salty, creamy, and truffle-forward flavours.


Not available for delivery in September.

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