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National Day Bundle


Celebrate Singapore’s National Day and the weekend with our exclusive new bundle, lovingly crafted to honour our local flavours!

Inspired by the iconic flavours of Singapore, each box contains three heavenly bakes infused with the taste of home.

Order your box to celebrate the spirit of National Day today!

  • Gula Melaka Burnt Cheese Croissant

Experience the layers of buttery, crisp croissant melt in your mouth as the luscious burnt cheesecake centre, infused with the aromatic sweetness of Gula Melaka, takes your taste buds on a journey of pure delight.

  • Pandan Flan

Relish in the natural essence of pandan leaves, infused into smooth velvety egg custard, bringing this nostalgic and aromatic flavour to a new level.

  • King’s Tart

A combination of the traditional egg tart with Chef Wythe’s award winning King’s Pie pastry, creating the perfect pairing of smooth egg custard and exquisite flaky crust fit for royalty!

Not available for delivery in September.

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