La Levain Laksa Pizza 2023

Enjoy Nasi Lemak & Laksa Pizza at Singapore Food Festival 2023

Join us to celebrate Singapore’s diverse and delicious culinary flavours at La Levain’s Singapore Food Festival Booth (C12)!

Join us for a slice of perfection with our SFF exclusive Nasi Lemak and Laksa Sourdough Pizzas alongside delightful Ice Cream Brioches at the Bayfront Event Space at Marina Bay from 19 to 30 July 2023.

You’ll be in for a treat as we bring together the best of modern and traditional Singaporean flavours, offering a delightful fusion menu that will tantalise your taste buds.

Our menu was designed to pay homage to the comforting flavours of Singapore cuisine which everyone can identify with.

A Comforting Fragrance: Nasi Lemak Pizza (New!)

La Levain Nasi Lemak Pizza 2023
La Levain Nasi Lemak Pizza 2023

Immerse yourself in the enticing aroma of freshly baked sourdough, meticulously crafted after a 72-hour fermentation process.

Each bite transports you to nasi lemak heaven, where the crispiness of peanuts and ikan bilis, the soul of nasi lemak, dances harmoniously with the fragrant coconut oil.

Topped with gooey mozzarella cheese, fiery sambal, succulent smoked chicken breast, and a velvety egg, our pizzas redefine the notion of flavour exploration and comfort food.

The Nasi Lemak Pizza is available exclusively at our SFF Booth.

A Fusion Sensation: Laksa Pizza (New!)

La Levain Laksa Pizza 2023
La Levain Laksa Pizza 2023

Delight in the explosion of flavours as fragrant laksa paste, creamy bechamel sauce, juicy prawns, fish cakes, and a tantalising mix of spices unite to deliver an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Every bite unveils a symphony of sensations that will leave you craving more.

All on a bed of our perfectly hand stretched sourdough crust to serve as the foundation for this extraordinary creation.

Our Laksa Pizza is also a Singapore Food Festival Exclusive.

Sweet Delights to Beat the Heat: Ice Cream Brioche

La Levain Ice Cream Brioche 2023
La Levain Ice Cream Brioche 2023

For the perfect ending to your food festival adventure, treat yourself to our crowd-pleasing Ice Cream Brioche.

Inspired by the legendary Singapore bread ice cream sandwich, this delectable delight showcases our passion for pushing boundaries.

Sink your teeth into the fluffy brioche buns, lovingly baked with locally sourced eggs and the finest French Elle & Vire butter.

With an array of irresistible flavours such as D24 Durian, Pistachio, and Cookies & Cream, this frozen treat provides the ultimate escape from the sweltering Singaporean heat.

A Culinary Nod to Singapore’s Heritage: Bobo Chacha Croissant

No celebration of Singapore’s culinary heritage would be complete without a tribute to one of its most beloved desserts.

Combining the irresistible charm of a classic croissant with the nostalgic flavours of Bobo Chacha, our signature Bobo Chacha Croissant will transport you back to the streets of Singapore where fragrant coconut, sweet potatoes, and chewy tapioca pearls intertwine in a symphony of taste and texture.

Indulge in this innovative fusion pastry that pays homage to the essence of Singapore’s food culture

Crafted with Passion: The La Levain Experience

At La Levain, we believe in crafting extraordinary culinary experiences with a touch of passion.

Led by Chef Wythe, a finalist for the esteemed Chef of the Year award, our team is committed to delivering pizza perfection and delightful brioche creations that captivate the senses.

Each bite is a testament to our dedication to quality, creativity, and the pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

Find Us

Make your way to Booth C12 at the SG Food Walk during Singapore Food Festival 2023 and treat yourself to the tantalising flavours of La Levain’s exclusive Oven-baked Sourdough Pizzas, where tradition meets innovation.

Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure and discover the magic of La Levain’s creations.

Come and experience the finest tastes of the festival, as we craft culinary wonders that will leave you wanting more.

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