La Levain Onigiri Croissant 2024

New: Triangle Shaped Onigiri Croissants

We’re excited to announce the launch of its latest creation: Onigiri Croissants that blend tradition with innovation.

Breaking the mould of conventional pastry shapes, La Levain introduces a touch of geometric whimsy to their menu with these Asian-inspired triangle shaped croissants.

These new releases are baked with French cream cheese and the finest Elle & Vire butter are a nod to La Levain’s commitment to culinary creativity, and our belief in surprising our customers with unique flavours and experiences.

Lao Gan MaA daring choice for those who favour a spicy edge in their pastries.

The iconic spicy, crunchy sensation from the Lao Gan Ma chilli crisps meets the delicate layers of our classic croissant for a truly adventurous taste.

Topped with crispy bacon for a savoury finish.
Scallion Sour CreamA delightful blend of fresh, zesty scallions and rich, tangy sour cream, encased in our buttery, flaky croissant dough.

Perfect for those who love a savoury twist to their pastry.
Mentaiko CheeseA fusion of Japanese Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) creamy cheese and a secret ingredient, this croissant offers a umami-packed bite with a subtle spice, enveloped in our light and airy pastry.
Orh NeeDive into the sweet and earthy flavours of Taiwanese taro in this unique croissant.

The creamy, purple filling provides a touch of natural sweetness that complements the crisp, buttery layers of pastry.

Topped with a sprinkle of crispy fried shallots, that contrasts the taro’s smoothness and enhances the pastry with a subtle aromatic depth.
Sicilian PistachioA rich and nutty indulgence for a sweet and savoury balance.

Packed with the rich, nutty flavour of pistachios, this pastry is both indulgent and satisfying, with a hint of sweetness.

La Levain Onigiri Croissant 2024
La Levain Onigiri Croissant 2024

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